Kentucky Boat Bill of Sale Form

The Kentucky Boat Bill of Sale Form is a crucial document, designed not just as a mere formality but as a protection for both the buyer and seller of a boat. This legal document provides evidence of the transaction, ensuring that all details are transparent and agreed upon. Such documents are vital to prevent disputes, establish ownership, and meet state requirements. Whether you’re an individual looking to buy a boat for leisure or sell one as an asset, this document lays the foundation for a smooth and transparent transaction in the State of Illinois.


This part roots the transaction in both time and place. By pinning down the exact day and location, it’s easier to contextualize any future references to the sale.

  • How to Fill: Specify the day, month, and year of the sale, followed by the county within Alaska where it took place.

This bill of sale was created on the 15th day of June, 20xx in the County of Jefferson, State of Kentucky.


This section introduces the main characters in our transactional story: the buyer and the seller. Their detailed contact information provides transparency and a point of reference if future communications are necessary.

  • How to Fill: Insert the full names and corresponding mailing addresses of both the buyer and the seller.

Buyer’s Name: Jane Doe with a mailing address of 123 Ocean Drive, Lexington, KY 40507 (“Buyer”).

Seller’s Name: John Smith with a mailing address of 456 Harbor Lane, Louisville, KY 40202 (“Seller”)


This segment unveils the heart of the transaction – how is ownership changing hands? Whether it’s a straightforward cash payment, a trade, or a heartfelt gift, this section chronicles the agreement’s essence.

  • How to Fill: Choose the relevant option (Cash Payment, Trade-in, or Gift) and furnish the necessary details.

Trade-in. The Buyer agrees to pay $7,000 (US Dollars) and trade in their boat described as Make: Bayliner, Year: 2010, Title Number: AK10B3456, Hull ID Number: BLXA1234B101, Odometer: 300 (hours).


This detailed breakdown ensures all parties have a crystal-clear picture of the exact items involved in the transaction, removing ambiguities and potential disputes.

  • How to Fill: Tick the relevant boxes and input the specifics for each item.

Boat. Make: Sea Ray, Year: 2019, Title Number: AK19S7890, Hull ID Number: SERV1234A919, Odometer: 150 (hours).


Transparency in transaction value is essential. This section breaks down the financial components, ensuring no surprises arise after the ink dries.

  • How to Fill: Detail the agreed-upon prices for the boat, motor(s), and trailer, then tally up the total.

Boat: $20,000, Motor(s): $3,500, Trailer: $1,500, Total: $25,000.


This section clarifies if taxes are part of the listed price, which helps avoid financial misunderstandings and ensures adherence to tax obligations.

  • How to Fill: Check either “included” or “not included” based on the agreement.

All municipal, county, and State taxes in relation to the purchase of the boat are included in the purchase price.


This is where both parties provide their signatures, solidifying the agreement’s legitimacy. Signatures are essential as they validate and give weight to the document legally.

  • How to Fill: Both parties should sign and print their names, then date the form.
  • Example:
    Buyer Signature: Jane Doe, Date: 07/15/20xx.
    Print Name: Jane Doe.
    Seller Signature: John Smith, Date: 07/15/20xx.
    Print Name: John Smith.

The Kentucky Boat (Vessel) Bill of Sale may seem straightforward, but each field has been designed with purpose and precision to protect all parties involved. It’s more than just a piece of paper; it’s a testament to a transaction, a record of a significant event in the lives of both the buyer and the seller. By understanding each section and its significance, you ensure that the sale goes smoothly and that both parties walk away with a clear understanding of the terms and conditions. Always remember, in the world of legal transactions, clarity and documentation are your best allies. Happy sailing!