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Colorado Caese & Desist Templates

Colorado Cease and Desist Letters are a great way to send a formal notification to someone who is engaging in activity that may constitute a legal violation against you or your business. Colorado Cease and Desist Letters provide you with a simple and easy solution to quickly inform the other party to stop the infringing behavior. With a Colorado Cease and Desist Letter, you can quickly and easily provide the other party with legal notice that ceasing the activity at issue is required for the party to avoid further legal action.Using a Cease and Desist template instead of hiring an attorney is a cost-effective way to protect your legal rights.

All you need to do is fill out the required information in the spaces provided and file the letter with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. The Colorado Uniform Consumer Credit Code is the law that governs cease and desist letters in Colorado and is available on the Colorado Government website. The law prevents creditors and debt collectors from using false or deceptive practices when attempting to collect a debt and states that consumers have the right to request that a collector stop all collection communications.