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New York Caese & Desist Templates

If you’ve been threatened with a lawsuit or received other legal demands, a New York Cease and Desist Letter can help protect your rights. This letter template is an easy way to help present a formally worded request to desist from the offending party and safeguard your legal interests. The law of New York outlines the conditions and limitations pertaining to cease and desist letters. According to the New York State Bar Association (, a cease and desist letter may be valid when the recipient is unlawfully infringing on the rights of the sender.

Using a template for a New York Cease and Desist Letter is the easiest and most cost-effective way to create a legally binding document. Templates provide you with the necessary wording for your specific situation, along with clear forms to quickly and accurately input all necessary information. By avoiding expensive attorneys and potential confusion in the writing process, you can rest assured knowing you have a legal document protecting your rights.