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Oregon Caese & Desist Templates

Writing a Cease and Desist letter in Oregon requires the right information to ensure the recipient understands the severity of the situation. Using a template for a Cease and Desist letter in Oregon can save time and hassle. According to the Oregon Revised Statute 646A.200, a Cease and Desist letter must include the name of the person or entity causing the offense, a concise description of the wrongful act, and a demand for the offensive activity to stop immediately. By using a template, you can easily fill in the necessary information and make sure the Cease and Desist letter is written in the correct format mandated by the state of Oregon.

Benefits of using a template for a Cease and Desist letter in Oregon include that you can often view a real-world sample of what the letter should look like, as well as guidance on formatting and information to include. Additionally, templates include legally-approved language to ensure the letter meets the directives of the Oregon Revised Statute 646A.200. Visit the government site of the state of Oregon ( for more information on the state law.