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Tennessee Caese & Desist Templates

A Tennessee Cease and Desist Letter helps protect businesses from harassment and other intrusive behavior directed toward them. The Cease and Desist Letter can be an important tool in stopping nuisance behavior early in order to avoid costly legal proceedings. To get the most out of a Tennessee Cease and Desist Letter, simply fill out a template with the date, your name, the recipient's name, and the behavior that you wish to have the recipient cease and desist from.

The law in Tennessee states that a Cease and Desist Letter is a legal manner of communication that can be used to compel someone to stop an activity, refrain from doing something, or request that they make a repayment. The Tennessee Attorney General's website ( has detailed information about the Cease and Desist Letter, including sample templates you can use. Using a Cease and Desist Letter template instead of hiring an attorney can save you time and money.