A special warranty deed in South Carolina ensures that the grantee, or the individual receiving the property, has ownership over a real estate asset that doesn’t have any liens or encumbrances during the tenure of the grantor’s period.

However, any claims on the property before the grantor’s ownership period will be the grantee’s responsibility.

To fill out the South Carolina Special (Limited) Warranty Deed, follow these steps:

Step 1

Write your full name.

Step 2

Write your complete address. State: Write the state where you live. Zip Code: Write your zip code.

Step 3

Write the name of the person who should receive the deed after recording.

Step 4

Write the complete address of the person who should receive the deed after recording.  

Step 5

Write your full name and address as the Grantor (the person giving the property).

Step 6

Write the total monetary amount that you received for the property in words and in figures.

Step 7

Write the full name and address of the Grantee (the person receiving the property).

Step 8

Write a full description of the property, including its location and any specific features.

If the description is too long or complicated, you can write “See Exhibit A” and attach a separate paper with the description.

Step 9

Sign your name as the grantor.

Step 10

Print your full name.

Step 11

Write your full address.

Step 12

Have your witnesses sign their names.

Step 13

Have your witnesses print their full names.

Step 14

Have your witnesses write their full addresses. 

Step 15

Write the name of the county where the deed is being executed.

Step 16

The notary public fills out this part. They will write the date, sign their name, and provide their commission expiration date.

Please note that you should consult with an attorney to ensure all legal requirements are met and that the transaction is valid.


Following the proper process when completing a South Carolina special warranty deed guarantees a valid real estate transaction that is documented for official records.

Consulting legal professionals is wise to ensure full compliance.