November 2022 Airbnb Statistics: Usage, Demographics, and Revenue Growth

Melissa Veseli

Data Scientist

Claire Lantz

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Last Updated: 10.11.2022

Airbnb is one of the most popular online businesses at the moment. The company recently released a report on the state of the Airbnb marketplace, and it looks like the results are positive and encouraging. In this blog, we'll look at some of the key statistics that should be on the mind of every Airbnb business owner.

Airbnb Listings By Region

Key Takeaways: November 2022 Data

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Airbnb listings by region

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Airbnb Statistics By Country

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Airbnb Statistics By City

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Airbnb Statistics By U.S. State

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Airbnb Guest Demographics

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Airbnb Listings By Country
Section 01

Airbnb listings by region

Airbnb was founded 10 years ago and has since taken the world by storm. In a short period of time, it grew to become the world's largest short-term rental platform. Let's look at the statistics of Airbnb from the perspective of different regions.

Airbnb Listings By Region

Europe has the highest number of Airbnb listings with on average 4,840,487 listings in 2021.  

Asia Pacific is second, with 3,212,954 average listings during 2021.

In every region the average number listings during 2021 was lower than it was in 2020.

North America rounds out the top 3, with 2,551,581 average listings during the year.

In addition to having the most Airbnb listings, Europe also takes the crown as the region where Airbnb generates the most demand, with 144,764,746 nights stayed in 2021.

North America reached 110,382,177 nights stayed in 2021 – higher than the 54,015,276 nights stayed recorded in Asia Pacific.

In every region the number of Airbnb nights stayed was higher in 2021 than it was in 2020, as the short-term rental markets recovered from the impact of COVID-19 felt throughout the majority of 2020.

North America, despite being the region with the 3rd most Airbnb listings and the 2nd most nights stayed, is by far the highest revenue-generating region for Airbnb, generating $22.9 billion in 2021.

Airbnb Demand (Nights Stayed) By Region

In second place is Europe, which generated $16.5 billion in gross revenues in 2021.

Asia Pacific comes in 3rd, with gross revenues of $5.6 billion in 2021. Airbnb listings in North America tend to be booked for significantly higher prices than in other regions, which results in much higher revenues.

North America is the region that generates the most revenues for Airbnb, generating $3.2 billion in 2021.

Europe is in 2nd place, generating $2.3 billion revenue for Airbnb in 2021 compared to $1.3 billion in 2020. Asia Pacific is the third most important region for Airbnb in terms of revenue generation, earning Airbnb $784 million of revenues in 2021.

Airbnb Gross Revenues By Region

Airbnb Revenues By Region

The average price per night of an Airbnb in North America is $208/night, which is 82% higher than the next most expensive region (Europe with an average Airbnb price of $114/night).

North America has seen a significant increase in average price from $163/night in 2020 to $208/night in 2021.

Asia Pacific also saw an increase from $85/night in 2020 to $104/night in 2021, as well as Latin America, where average Airbnb prices rose from $70/night in 2020 to $81/night in 2021.

Airbnb average prices also rose in Europe ($92/night in 2020 and $114/night in 2021) and in Africa ($73/night in 2020 and $84/night in 2021).

Airbnb Price Per Night

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Airbnb statistics by country

Airbnb has become a very popular vacation rental site and has grown to become one of the biggest players in the vacation rental market. We decided to look at Airbnb stats by country as well as insights into their site. Here are some of the highlights from our analysis.

The country with the most Airbnb listings is the United States of America, which had an average of 2,249,434 listings in 2021.

Airbnb Listings By Country

The country with the second highest number of average Airbnb listings is France, with 1,209,036 in 2021.

In third place is China, with 1,148,885 average listings in 2021.

The country with most Airbnb demand (which we measure by the number of nights stayed) was the United States, with 99.5 million nights stayed in 2021.

European Airbnb demand also increased similarly following COVID-19 in 2021. The country with the 2nd most Airbnb nights stayed, France, totaled 43.0 million nights in 2021 and 27.9 million in 2020.

Italy also saw a big gain in demand – 17.4 million Airbnb nights stayed in 2021 compared to 10.6 million in 2020.

Airbnb Demand (Nights Stayed) By Country

Airbnb Gross Revenues By Country

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Airbnb statistics by city

What number of Airbnb hosts are there in New York? How many people use Airbnb in Chicago? What are the most expensive cities to book on Airbnb? Let's take a look at the Airbnb statistics by city below.

Active Listings By City (Top 10 Cities)

The city with the most Airbnb listings in 2021 was London, United Kingdom, with 156,511 listings.

In second place is Paris, France, with 107,241 Airbnb listings in 2021, and New York City is in third with 94,198 listings.

The city with the most Airbnb demand in 2021 was London, UK (2,311,389 nights stayed).

Holding on to second place was New York City (2,079,015 nights stayed), which saw a gain of around 32% in 2021 vs the previous year.

Paris is in third place (2,069,668), again with a significant gain in Airbnb demand compared to 2020 levels.

Rome was another European city that suffered a big rebound in the level of Airbnb demand, rising from 1,149,711 nights stayed in 2020 to 1,718,192 nights stayed in 2021.

Airbnb Demand (Nights Stayed) By City (Top 10 Cities)

San Diego was the city that generated the highest gross revenues on Airbnb in 2021, with bookings generating $379.6 million.

In a close second place was London, UK, which had gross revenues of $356.4 million in 2021. Austin, Texas came in third with $342.4 million in 2021 gross revenues.

Airbnb Gross Revenues By City (Top 10 Cities)

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Airbnb Statistics By U.S. State

As Airbnb continues to grow, a lot of people are curious about the different trends that are taking place. This is particularly prevalent within the United States. This data will look at some interesting statistics that have occurred across the different states within the United States.

Florida is the state with the most Airbnb listings in the United States, which should come as no surprise given that Florida is home to a number of the country’s hottest short-term rental markets including Orlando, the Panhandle, and Panama City Beach.

Florida had an average of 345,053 Airbnb listings in 2021.

California is a close second with 329,283 listings on average during 2021. The state is home to a number of very large short-term rental markets including San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Napa Valley.

In third place is Texas with an average of 168,247 listings in 2021. The largest short-term rental markets in Texas include Austin, South Padre Island, and San Antonio.