Free Colorado Single Member LLC Operating Agreements | PDF & Word

Our LLC operating agreement template is expertly crafted by legal professionals to ensure that your business is fully compliant with state regulations and protected from legal liability, giving you peace of mind and security as you grow your enterprise.

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How To Fill Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement for a Colorado-based Company

A Colorado single-member LLC operating agreement outlines the owner's and business's operational terms. Although not legally required, protecting personal assets from business liabilities and providing tax benefits is highly recommended.

Company name

This section requires the accurate legal name of your Colorado LLC. For instance, if your business is known as "ABC Design Studio," write "ABC Design Studio, LLC." This ensures the correct legal identification of your company.

Company and Member Information

Write the complete legal name of the LLC (as previously mentioned) along with your name as the single member. This identifies the individual in charge of the company's operations and decision-making, accurately representing the relationship between the business and its owner. Also, provide the date you, the sole member, sign the agreement in the blank space, marking the formal commencement of the agreement. For example, if signing on June 15, 2023, input "June 15, 2023" or "15th day of June 2023."

Formation Date

Add the date when your LLC's Articles of Organization were filed with the State of Colorado, denoting the formal initiation of your business. For instance, if the filing took place on May 1, 2023, specify "May 1, 2023" or "1st day of May 2023."

Purposes of the Company

In the blank space, describe your company's main activities or services concisely. This section outlines the primary business purpose(s) of your LLC. For example, if your LLC is a software development company, write, "To develop and sell software products for various industries."


Fill in your name in the blank space, indicating that you, as the sole member, have the authority and power to act on behalf of the company. This emphasizes your role as the decision-maker and the person responsible for the company's actions.

Managing Member's Signature

Sign your name on the designated line to confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined in the document. Following this step, print your full name on the line provided to clarify who signed the document.

In summary, a single-member LLC operating agreement for a Colorado-based company is vital for protecting the owner's assets and defining the business's terms of operation. By following the outlined steps, the resulting agreement will be thorough and legally compliant, creating a solid foundation for business growth.