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How To Fill LLC Operating Agreement

This document is a Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement that must be completed by the LLC members for a company formed in Connecticut. The following fields need to be filled in, along with an explanation of their significance:

Step 1

Here, you must enter the company's name in the blank which should correspond with the name on the LLC's Articles of Organization. This is crucial as it identifies the company and is used for legal documents, contracts, and filings.

Step 2

Enter the date when the agreement is being executed. This is crucial because it establishes when the agreement was created.

Step 3

Select either Single-Member LLC or Multi-Member LLC. For a single-member LLC, provide the name and address of the sole member. For a multi-member LLC, include the names, ownership percentages, and mailing addresses of each member. This information is crucial as it determines the ownership structure of the LLC.

Step 4

Fill in the name of the LLC and its principal place of business. This is essential as it establishes the legal name and location of the LLC.

Step 5

Fill in the date of the LLC's formation. This is important because it establishes when the LLC was created.

Step 6

If the LLC has multiple members, fill in the names and capital contributions of each member in the blank spaces provided under "Member #1", "Member #2", "Member #3", and "Member #4". This information is crucial in determining the financial interest of each member in the company.     

Step 7

Fill in the effective date of the operating agreement and the name of the company if the company is a multi-member LLC. This step is important as it identifies the company and establishes when the Agreement comes into effect.

Step 8

In the signature section, each Member of the LLC should sign and date the document and print their name. This section is important because it signifies each Member's agreement to the terms and conditions of the Operating Agreement. Every party must sign and date the Agreement to demonstrate their acceptance and commitment to its terms.