Free Montana Single Member LLC Operating Agreements | PDF & Word

Our LLC operating agreement template is expertly crafted by legal professionals to ensure that your business is fully compliant with state regulations and protected from legal liability, giving you peace of mind and security as you grow your enterprise.

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How To Fill Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement for a Montana-based Company

A Montana single-member LLC operating agreement records essential business information for a sole owner, such as owner, registered agent, and management details. Beneficial for insurance, banking, and finances, it's advised to sign the document, although not mandatory, before a notary public.

Company Name

As the name states, fill in the name of your LLC. Filling in your company's name, such as "Mountain Coffee Roasters, LLC," identifies the entity the agreement applies to. This prevents confusion and clarifies the company bound by this agreement, ensuring that the correct business entity is being addressed.

Company and Member Information

Enter the date of the company formation, the name of the LLC and your full legal name. Entering the date you're signing the agreement, like "April 15, 2023," marks the starting point of its enforcement, creating a clear timeline for any future reference or potential disputes. This date signifies that the agreement becomes effective from that day onwards.

Writing your name indicates that you are the sole member of the LLC, executing the agreement and accepting its terms and conditions. This establishes your identity as the single owner, clearly defining your rights and responsibilities.

Formation of LLC

Fill in the full name of your LLC and the date you formed your LLC. Indicating the date you formed the Montana LLC, such as "January 2, 2023," confirms that the company is duly registered under state law. This information helps establish the duration of the company's existence and verify its legal status.


Here specify the purpose of your company. Specifying the company's primary purpose, like "roasting and selling special coffee beans," helps outline the scope of your LLC's activities. This information clarifies the company's focus and ensures compliance with its stated objectives.

Listing additional activities your LLC can engage in under Montana law, like "providing coffee brewing workshops," ensures your company can legally perform these actions. This flexibility allows the company to diversify its operations while staying within legal bounds.


Stating that you, as the sole member (e.g., "Kate Smith"), have the authority to act on the company's behalf and make decisions is crucial. This eliminates any ambiguity about who is responsible for running the business and confirms that you, as the owner, have the sole power to make binding decisions for the company.

Managing Member's Signature

Sign and print your name in this section. Signing the agreement as the managing member solidifies your commitment to the terms and conditions laid out in the document. This signature provides legal proof that you, as the owner (e.g., "Kate Smith"), agree to abide by the agreement and be held accountable for the company's actions. Printing your name (e.g., "Kate Smith") below your signature reaffirms your identity as the managing member and the person who signed the agreement.

This printed name helps ensure clarity and clarity over the identity of the signing party and further reinforces your commitment to the contract.

By following the steps outlined, you can efficiently establish your LLC and its operations while maintaining compliance with state regulations. Remember to include vital information such as the company name, company and member details, formation date, the purpose of your LLC, and your authority as the sole member. Additionally, signing and printing your name reinforces your commitment to the agreement and ensures transparency.

We trust that these guidelines will help you navigate the process of completing a Montana single-member LLC operating agreement, providing you with the necessary tools to protect your personal assets and set the stage for a successful and legally compliant business.