Free Nebraska Single Member LLC Operating Agreements | PDF & Word

Our LLC operating agreement template is expertly crafted by legal professionals to ensure that your business is fully compliant with state regulations and protected from legal liability, giving you peace of mind and security as you grow your enterprise.

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How To Fill Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement for a Nebraska-based Company

A Nebraska single-member LLC operating agreement helps a sole proprietor establish business policies, daily activities, and personal asset protection. Nebraska doesn't require filing the document with any government body. The owner should carefully review the agreement before signing and consult an attorney for clarification.

Company Name

The first step is to state the name of your LLC. Filling in your Nebraska LLC's name, like "Great Pets, LLC," identifies the entity the agreement applies to, preventing confusion and clarifying the company bound by the agreement. A unique and accurate name ensures all parties understand the business involved.

Company and Member Information

The second step is to write the date of the agreement and your full legal name. The date you and your LLC agree to the terms, for example, "June 15, 2023," signifies when the agreement becomes effective. It sets the starting point for enforcing the agreement and helps maintain a clear business operations timeline. In addition, including the LLC name and your full name, such as "Amanda Swift," establishes your identity as the sole owner of the LLC. It defines your rights and responsibilities as the owner and ensures your authority within the company is clear and undisputed.

Formation Date

The third step is to enter the name of your LLC and the official date of registration of your LLC. Stating the date your LLC was officially registered in Nebraska, like "April 20, 2023," confirms the company's legal formation under state law. It helps determine the company's age and any anniversary dates or filings required by the state.


The fourth step is to specify the purpose of your LLC. Specifying the primary business purpose, like "Manufacturing organic pet food," helps outline the scope of your LLC's activities. This detail ensures compliance with the objectives and clarifies the business's core focus.

Listing other activities your LLC can engage in under Nebraska law, like "Selling pet accessories or offering pet grooming services," ensures your company can legally perform these actions. It also provides flexibility for the company to diversify its operations.


This is the fifth step. Indicating that you, as the sole member, have the authority to act on the company's behalf and make decisions is crucial. It removes any ambiguity about who's responsible for running the business. For example, if your name is Amanda Swift, this part ensures that you, Amanda Swift, have the sole power to make binding decisions for the company.

Managing Member's Signature

Finally, sign and print your name. Signing the agreement as the managing member solidifies your commitment to the terms and conditions laid out in the document. It provides legal proof that you, as the owner, agree to abide by the agreement and be held accountable for the company's actions.

Printing your name below your signature reaffirms your identity as the managing member and the person who signed the agreement. This printed name helps to prevent any confusion or disputes over the identity of the signing party and confirms the agreement's legitimacy.

Ultimately, this article provides a clear roadmap for completing a Nebraska single-member LLC operating agreement. By following the steps mentioned, you are laying the groundwork for a thriving business. We trust this guide has been beneficial and recommend consulting an attorney for any additional guidance needed.