A California single-member LLC operating agreement outlines a member-managed business’s standard procedures, providing legal protection for the owner’s personal assets. California requires all businesses, including single-member ones, to file this document as proof of ownership certification.

Step 1: Company Name

Enter the complete legal name of your LLC in the provided space, which serves as the official representation of your business for legal and tax matters.

For example, if your LLC is called “Bob’s Studio, LLC,” you should write that name in the designated area.

Step 2: Date

Additionally, write the date you sign the Operating Agreement as the sole member, which marks the official commencement of the Agreement.

For instance, if the signing occurs on July 4, 2023, write “July 4, 2023” or “4th day of July 2023.”

Step 3: Company and Member Information

In the designated areas, enter the LLC’s legal name and your name as the sole member to establish who is accountable for the company’s operations and decision-making, and to accurately represent the relationship between the company and the member.

Company Name: Bob’s Studio, LLC

Member Name: Robert Smith

Step 4: Formation Date

Begin by entering your LLC’s complete legal name, followed by the date when the Articles of Organization were submitted to the State of California. This date is significant because it signifies the official formation of your LLC.

For instance, if the Articles of Organization were filed on June 1, 2023, write “June 1, 2023” or “1st day of June 2023.”

Step 5: Purposes of the Company 

In the blank space, concisely describe the company’s main activities or services. This section outlines the primary business purpose(s) of your LLC.

For instance, if your LLC is a photography studio, you might write, “To provide professional photography services for events, portraits, and commercial projects.”

Step 6: Authority

Place your name in the blank space provided to indicate that, as the sole member of the company, you possess the necessary authority and power to act on its behalf. This ensures clarity regarding who is accountable for the LLC’s decisions and actions.

Robert Smith has the authority to act on behalf of Bob’s Studio, LLC.

Step 7: LLC Name

As before, enter the name of your company.

Bob’s Studio, LLC

Step 8: Managing Member’s Signature

As the only member of the LLC, affix your signature on the designated line to indicate your acceptance of the terms specified in the Operating Agreement. This act of signing formalizes the Agreement and exhibits your dedication to managing the business in compliance with the established guidelines. Don’t forget to print your name beneath the signature line for clear identification.

Robert Smith [Signature] Robert Smith [Printed Name]

Notary Public Acknowledgment

The Notary Public section verifies that you, as the managing member, appeared before a notary public, proved your identity, and acknowledged that you executed the Operating Agreement willingly. The notary public will complete this section by filling in the state, county, date, name, signature, and commission expiration date.


In summary, completing a single-member LLC operating agreement for a California-based company is an essential step in establishing a legally compliant and well-organized business. By carefully filling out the required information and adhering to the guidelines provided, you can ensure a strong foundation for your business while protecting your personal assets and interests.