A Missouri single-member LLC operating agreement is a legally required document for sole owners of an LLC. It outlines the business’s internal operations, separates personal assets from business liabilities, defines managerial rights and responsibilities, and specifies authorized representatives.

Step 1: Company Name

First, write the full legal name of your LLC. Including the exact company name is critical, as it identifies the specific legal entity governed by this operating agreement. This avoids confusion down the line over which company the agreement applies to.

For example, if you own a bakery, you could name it “Show Me Sweets, LLC.”

Step 2: Date

Next, put the “Effective Date” which is when you and your LLC agree to the terms. This marks the official start date that the agreement becomes binding and is important because it specifies when the operating agreement takes effect.

Enter a date like “March 1, 2023.”

Step 3: Company and Member Information

Then, fill in your full name and the LLC name, which establishes you as the sole member and owner. Defining the single member is critical for outlining your rights and responsibilities as the sole owner.

For instance, enter “Show Me Sweets, LLC” and your name “Jade Smith.”

Step 4: Formation

In this section, write the complete LLC name again and the official formation date in Missouri. Including this formation date verifies your LLC was properly registered under state law.

For instance, put “Show Me Sweets, LLC” and “January 15, 2023.”

Step 5: Business Purpose

Next, state the main business purpose of your LLC. Defining the primary business activities provides direction for your LLC’s operations and helps maintain legal compliance.

For instance, “Operating a bakery specializing in local, artisanal baked goods and desserts.”

Step 6: Management Authority

Specify here that you have authority to make decisions as the sole member. This confirms you are empowered to manage the business as the only owner.

In the example, enter your name “Jade Smith.”


Step 7: LLC Name

List the LLC name one more time. Repeating the official name eliminates any uncertainty over the company the agreement covers.

Enter “Show Me Sweets, LLC.”

Step 8: Signature

Finally, sign and print your name to bind yourself to the terms as managing member. Your printed name clearly identifies you as the signing party.


In summary, properly completing a single-member LLC operating agreement in Missouri establishes your control as sole owner, limits liability, and provides critical business structure – even though not legally mandated. Following the provided guidelines in each section sets your LLC up for smooth operations and compliance with state regulations.