A Montana single-member LLC operating agreement records essential business information for a sole owner, such as owner, registered agent, and management details. Beneficial for insurance, banking, and finances, it’s advised to sign the document, although not mandatory, before a notary public.

Step 1: Company Name

Fill in the name of your LLC.  This identifies the entity the agreement applies to.

If you own a coffee shop, you can name it something like this “Mountain Coffee Roasters, LLC”

Step 2: Date

Enter the date of company formation. This marks the starting point of the agreement’s enforcement and establishes a timeline.

“April 15, 2023”

Step 3: Company and Member Information 

Include the name of the LLC and your full legal name. Writing your name indicates you are the sole member of the LLC, executing the agreement.

Enter “Mountain Coffee Roasters, LLC” once again and your name as Mike Smith.

Step 4: Formation of LLC

Fill in the full name of your LLC and the date you formed it. This confirms the company is duly registered under state law.

“Mountain Coffee Roasters, LLC” formed on “January 2, 2023”

Step 5: Purposes

Specify the purpose of your company. This outlines the scope of your LLC’s activities and allows the company to diversify within legal bounds.

“Roasting and selling specialty coffee beans”.

Step 6: Authority

State you as sole member have authority to act on behalf of and make decisions for the company. This eliminates ambiguity about who is responsible for running the business.

Mike Smith has full authority to make decisions for Mountain Coffee Roasters, LLC as sole member.

Step 7: LLC Name

Include one last time the name you chose for your LLC.

“Mountain Coffee Roasters, LLC”

Step 8: Managing Member’s Signature

Sign and print your name. Your signature legally binds you to the agreement’s terms and conditions. Printing your name below reaffirms your identity as managing member.

Mike Smith signs and prints his name.


Follow these steps to efficiently establish your Montana single-member LLC while staying compliant. Include key details like company name, member info, formation date, purpose, and your authority. Signing and printing your name shows commitment to the agreement.

These guidelines will help you complete the operating agreement, protecting assets and laying the groundwork for a successful, legal business.