A Nevada single-member LLC operating agreement outlines a sole owner’s business policies and daily activities while separating personal and business assets. Completing the form offers tax benefits; owners should review it before signing. Legal assistance may be helpful for clarification.

Step 1: Company Name

Filling in your Nevada LLC’s name ensures clarity, legal identification, and professionalism. A unique name distinguishes your company from others, creating a distinct brand identity that can attract customers and avoid potential legal disputes.

If your company is “Acme LLC”, enter Acme LLC as the company name.

Step 2: Agreement Date

Specifying the agreement’s effective date establishes a clear timeline for business operations, compliance, and record-keeping. It also sets a reference point for future amendments or updates to the agreement.

Since you’re signing this agreement on August 1, 2023, enter that date as the agreement date.

Step 3: Company and Member Information

By writing the full LLC name and the sole member’s name, you define the involved parties and their roles, making it easier to delegate responsibilities, enforce accountability, and manage disputes. It also confirms the sole member’s authority and commitment to the company.

As sole member Anne Scott of Acme LLC, enter Acme LLC and Anne Scott for company and member information.

Step 4: Formation Date

Besides including the name of your LLC, Including the date you filed the Articles of Organization with Nevada demonstrates your company’s legal existence and compliance with state requirements. This information is crucial for tax filings, audits, and other legal processes.

Having formed Acme LLC on July 1, 2023, enter that date as the formation date.

Step 5: Company Purpose

Clearly outlining your LLC’s primary activities and objectives helps focus business strategies, attracts investors, and ensures compliance with industry regulations and licensing requirements.

With Acme LLC selling household products online, enter “selling household products online” as the company purpose.

Step 6: Authority

By entering the sole member’s name you confirm their exclusive authority to represent the company, make decisions, and incur expenses. This designation enables streamlined decision-making and clarifies the chain of command for employees, partners, and vendors.

As sole member, you, Anne Scott, have full authority, so enter Anne Scott has full authority for Acme LLC decisions.

Step 7: LLC Name

Restating the LLC name reinforces the identity of the company bound by the agreement before signatures are provided. It solidifies the LLC to which the document applies.

Your LLC being Acme LLC, re-enter Acme LLC as the LLC name.

Step 8: Signature & Printed Name

When you, as the managing member, sign and print your name you legally bind yourself to the agreement’s terms and conditions, ensuring commitment and adherence to the rules. This step also validates the document for legal disputes or financial transactions.

You, Anne Scott, agree to the terms, so enter your signature Anne Scott and printed name Anne Scott.


In closing, our article aims to assist you in properly filling out a Nevada single-member LLC operating agreement. Following the steps outlined will help ensure your business’s success and protection. We hope you find this guide valuable and encourage seeking legal counsel for further clarification.