As a sole proprietor seeking to establish a business in Oklahoma, it’s essential to understand the single-member LLC operating agreement clearly. This document is crucial in organizing your business, separating personal and company assets, and ensuring compliance with state regulations. By filling out and submitting the form to the state secretary, you can protect your assets from potential legal claims directed at your company.

Step 1: LLC Name 

Here insert the name of your LLC. This should be the same name you used when registering your company with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Having the correct LLC name in your operating Agreement helps establish the legal separation between your and your company’s assets. This separation is crucial for safeguarding your assets in case of any legal claims against the company.

Pixel Perfect Graphic Design LLC

Step 2: Agreement Date

In the second blank field, fill in the date you, as the sole Member, enter into the Operating Agreement. When you complete the document, this should be the month, day, and year. The step of providing this date establishes a clear timeline for when you, as the sole Member, officially agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in the document. This becomes essential for any future references or disputes, as it records the Agreement’s inception.

March 15, 2023

Step 3: Company and Member Information 

Write the full LLC name and your full legal name as the sole Member of the LLC.  Writing down the full LLC name and your full legal name as the sole Member creates a binding connection between you and the company.  Additionally, by including your full legal name as the sole Member of the LLC, you help reinforce the legal separation between your assets and those of the company. This distinction is vital for protecting your assets in the event of any legal claims against the business.

Pixel Perfect Graphic Design LLC and Isabella Smith

Step 4: Formation of LLC 

In the “Formation of LLC” section, you’ll need to fill in the name of your LLC once more, along with the date when you filed the Articles of Organization with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. To begin with, providing this information in the operating Agreement helps confirm that your LLC has been officially formed and registered with the appropriate government body. This registration is necessary for your LLC to operate legally within the state and ensures that you comply with all relevant regulations and requirements.

Pixel Perfect Graphic Design LLC was formed by filing the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State of Oklahoma on February 1, 2023.

Step 5: Purposes and Powers 

In the blank field under “Purposes and Powers,” describe your LLC’s primary purpose or business activity. Defining the LLC’s purposes and powers outlines the scope of business activities, provides legal justification, and gives crucial direction and focus to operations.

The purposes and powers of Pixel Perfect Graphic Design LLC are to provide graphic design services like logos, branding, marketing materials, and website design to clients.

Step 6: Authority

In the “Authority” section, write your full name once more. Including your full name in this section establishes you as the sole Member of the LLC, responsible for making decisions and taking actions on behalf of the company. This clarification helps prevent any ambiguity regarding your role in the company, both for internal operations and external dealings with clients, vendors, or authorities.

Isabella Smith has authority to manage and control Pixel Perfect Graphic Design LLC.

Step 7: LLC Name

Include the name you chose for your LLC one final time in this section. This reinforces the formal legal name under which the business will operate. Repeating it emphasizes it as the recognized identity.

Pixel Perfect Graphic Design LLC

Step 8: Managing Member’s Signature and Print Name

Finally, sign your full legal name on the “Managing Member’s Signature” line to confirm your Agreement with the document’s terms and your role as the sole Member of the LLC. Remember to print your name right below your signature as well. This action binds you to the Agreement and demonstrates your commitment to adhere to the stated provisions.

Isabella Smith

Isabella Smith


In conclusion, the Oklahoma single-member LLC operating agreement is a crucial document for sole proprietors, helping them to structure their business effectively and protect their assets. By carefully filling out each section of the Agreement, you ensure that your company complies with state regulations, establishes a transparent management structure, and maintains a professional relationship with clients, vendors, and authorities.

The steps outlined in this guide serve as a comprehensive resource for completing the operating Agreement, allowing you to confidently establish your company and embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey. By completing and submitting this document accurately, you lay a solid foundation for your business, paving the way for growth, prosperity, and long-term success.