This essential legal document is designed for single-member Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), as it outlines the organization’s rules, structure, and responsibilities. In the following sections, we shall provide a detailed explanation for each blank field in the agreement, ensuring that the information is presented in an engaging and comprehensible manner.

Step 1: Company Name 

Enter the full legal name of the LLC, as registered with the State of Tennessee. This ensures consistency with official records and maintains the LLC’s limited liability protection. Additionally, using the correct name in legal documents helps maintain consistency and protects your LLC status.

For instance, you own a specialty tea shop called “SereniTea Lounge.” Write “SereniTea Lounge, LLC” in this blank space, as it is the official name of your company. 


Step 2: Agreement Date

Indicate the date when the agreement is being executed. This establishes the effective date of the agreement and provides a reference point for future amendments or legal disputes.

Suppose you are signing the agreement today, April 19, 2023. Fill in the date as “April 19, 2023.” This indicates when the terms of the agreement come into effect.

Step 3: Company and Member Information

Fill in the blank with the name of the LLC and the full legal name of the sole member who also serves as the managing member of the LLC. This identifies the individual authorized to make decisions on behalf of the company.

Write “SereniTea Lounge, LLC” and Selena Williams in these blank spaces.

Step 4: Formation Date

Next, fill in the blank with the full name of the LLC and insert the date when the Articles of Organization were filed with the State of Tennessee. This information verifies the company’s existence and establishes the starting point for its operations. 

Write “SereniTea Lounge, LLC” and May 14, 2023 in these blank spaces.

Step 5: Purpose of the Company

Specify the core business objectives of the LLC in this blank field. The purpose clarifies the scope of the company’s activities and helps avoid confusion regarding its goals.

Your tea shop offers a wide range of specialty teas and hosts tea-tasting events. You could write “To provide specialty teas and host tea-tasting events” as the main purpose of your LLC. This defines your business’s primary focus and objectives.

Step 6: Authority

In this section, provide the full legal name of the sole member who possesses the authority to act on behalf of the company. This confirms the individual responsible for making decisions and taking actions on behalf of the LLC. As the sole member, you possess full authority to act on behalf of the company.

Write your full legal name, “Selena Williams,” to confirm your role and decision-making power.

Step 7: Company Name

Once again write the name you chose for your LLC.

To continue with our example ,“SereniTea Lounge, LLC” must be put here.

Step 8: Member Signature

At the end of the document, the managing member should sign and print their name to acknowledge their agreement to the terms outlined within. This establishes the legal validity of the operating agreement and confirms the member’s commitment to fulfilling their obligations as specified.

Selena Williams signs and prints here name in this section.


By following this detailed guide, you should now have a solid understanding of how to complete the empty fields in your Sole Member Operating Agreement. We hope that the guide made the process easy to understand. With your operating agreement properly filled out, you can now focus on managing your LLC with confidence and compliance.