This article will guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive single-member LLC operating agreement tailored to the state of Virginia’s requirements. It will cover essential aspects such as the LLC’s name, formation date, purpose, member’s rights, powers, and obligations, and the importance of the member’s signature. By providing detailed explanations, practical examples, and helpful tips, this article aims to simplify the process, allowing you to establish a solid legal foundation for your Virginia-based single-member LLC.

Step 1: Company Name

Start by filling in the name of your LLC, which you have chosen and registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Filling in the name of your LLC is crucial for several reasons:

Writing the name of your LLC on the operating agreement helps distinguish your business from other entities and allows you to enter into contracts, open bank accounts, and conduct business under that specific name.

Imagine you’ve chosen the name “Innovative Tech Solutions, LLC” for your company. By including this name in the operating agreement, you ensure that your business is recognized as a separate legal entity from yourself, protecting your assets from business liabilities.


Step 2: Company and Member Information

First write down the date when the agreement is being executed. This marks the official start of the operating agreement. By specifying the effective date, you ensure that all future actions and decisions are governed by the agreement terms from that day forward.

Next, fill in your name as the LLC’s sole member and the LLC’s name as well. By filling in your name, you establish yourself as the sole decision-maker and owner, which is essential for legal and tax purposes. This helps avoid potential conflicts or misunderstandings regarding ownership and decision-making authority.

Write today’s date, September 7, 2023. State your name, Michael Johnson, as the sole member of “Innovative Tech Solutions, LLC” . As sole member, you have complete ownership and decision-making authority.

Step 3: Formation Date

Enter the name of your LLC again and specify the date when you filed the Articles of Organization with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. This date marks the official formation of your LLC.

The formation date is the official date when your LLC came into existence. It is the date when you filed the Articles of Organization with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Including the formation date in the operating agreement validates the document, showing that it was created after the company’s official formation.

Imagine you formed “Innovative Tech Solutions, LLC” and filed the Articles of Organization with the Virginia State Corporation Commission on August 1, 2023, then enter that.

Step 4: Purpose of the Company

Clearly state the primary purpose of your LLC and any other secondary purposes it might have. This section helps clarify the nature and scope of your company’s activities. Stating the purpose also helps ensure that your LLC complies with state laws and regulations and conducts business within the scope of its designated purpose.

For example the purpose of Innovative Tech Solutions, LLC could be to provide computer and information technology services.

Step 5: Rights, Powers, and Obligations of Member

Fill in your name as the sole member and managing member, specifying the rights and obligations you have as the owner and operator of the LLC.  Specifying your rights, powers, and obligations as the sole member and managing member establishes a clear governance structure for your LLC. This clarity helps prevent confusion or misunderstandings about your role and responsibilities in the company.

You as Michael Johnson need to enter your name once again.


Step 6: Member’s Signature

First include the name of your LLC one last time. Secondly, sign and print your name at the end of the document. This confirms your agreement to the terms and demonstrates that you have read and understood the operating agreement.

Signing and printing your name at the end of the operating agreement serves as evidence that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in the document. This is crucial for establishing the legal validity of the agreement and ensuring that it is enforceable in the case of disputes.

You as Michael Johnson need to enter the name  Innovative Tech Solutions, LLC one last time and the print and sign your own name.


Following the steps in this guide will allow you to draft a complete single-member LLC operating agreement that meets Virginia’s requirements. Including key details like the LLC’s name, your name as sole member, formation date, purpose, and getting your signature establishes a legally valid agreement to formally structure your LLC. With this customized operating agreement in place from day one, you can operate your Virginia-based LLC knowing your rights and responsibilities are clearly outlined.