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How To Fill LLC Operating Agreement for a Utah-based company

Filling in the blanks of your LLC Operating Agreement is essential for establishing your company's organizational structure, ownership, and management. It also confirms that all members understand their roles, responsibilities, and financial entitlements. To simplify this process, we've put together a step-by-step guide, complete with examples that clarify each section and emphasize the significance of every piece of information.

Step 1 - LLC Name

This is the name of your LLC, which you have registered with the state. It's important to fill this in accurately, as it's the official name of your company and will be used in all legal documents.

Let's say you've registered your company as "Green Planet Solutions, LLC." You would fill in the blank with this name, making sure to include the "LLC" suffix. This ensures that all legal documents refer to your company by its official, registered name.

Step 2 - Company Information

Write the date when the agreement is signed. This marks the official start of the LLC, and it's crucial to have an accurate date for record-keeping purposes. Single-Member or Multi-Member: Check the appropriate box to indicate whether your LLC has one member (owner) or multiple members (owners). This distinction is important, as it affects management decisions, profit allocations, and tax implications. Member Details: Fill in the name, ownership percentage, and mailing address for each member of the LLC. This information is crucial to establish the ownership structure and determine each member's rights and responsibilities within the company.

Example: Imagine you and your partners have gathered to sign the agreement on April 30, 2023. You would fill in the blank with this date, "04/30/2023," establishing a clear starting point for the LLC's operations.

If you're the sole owner of "Green Planet Solutions, LLC," you would check the "Single-Member" box. However, if you have partners, you would check the "Multi-Member" box, clarifying the LLC's ownership structure for legal and tax purposes.

For your LLC, assume you have three members, including yourself. You would fill in the name, ownership percentage, and mailing address for each member. For example:

  • Jane Doe, 40%, 123 Main St, Utah, USA
  • John Smith, 40%, 456 Oak Ave, Utah, USA
  • Alex Johnson, 20%, 789 Pine St, Utah, USA
Step 3 - Name and Principal Place of Business

Write the full name of the company (including the "LLC" suffix) and the principal place of business. This is the primary location where your LLC operates and is important for legal and tax purposes.

Example: In this section, you would write "Green Planet Solutions, LLC" as the company name and provide the primary business location, such as "250 Green Drive, Suite 300, Utah, USA."

Step 4 - Formation

Write the date when your LLC was officially formed by filing the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. This date is essential for legal and tax purposes and to track the company's history.

Example: If you filed the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State on March 1, 2023, you would write "03/01/2023" as the formation date. This date marks the official beginning of your LLC's existence.

Step 5 - Member(s) Capital Contributions

Fill in each member's capital contribution, which is the initial amount of money or assets they invested in the LLC. This information is used to determine each member's ownership stake and affects the allocation of profits and losses.

Example: List the initial investments made by each member. For instance, if Jane Doe contributed $20,000, John Smith contributed $20,000, and Alex Johnson contributed $10,000, you would record these amounts next to each member's name. These contributions help determine each member's ownership stake and profit/loss allocation.

Step 6 - Certificates Evidencing Membership

This is the LLC name and the date of the operating agreement. Completing this information ensures the certificate accurately reflects the LLC and the agreement governing it. For example, "The membership interest represented by this certificate is subject to, and may not be transferred except in accordance with, the provisions of the Operating Agreement of SuperbTech Innovations, LLC, dated effective as of January 1, 2023, as the same from time to time may be amended, a copy of which is on file at the principal office of the Company."

Step 7 - Member's Signature, Date, and Print Name

Member's Signature: Each member should sign their name on the provided line. This signifies their agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in the document. For instance, John Smith, a member, would sign his name as "John Smith."

Date: Write the date each member signs the document. This is important for record-keeping and establishing when each member officially agreed to the operating agreement. For example, if John Smith signed on March 15, 2023, he would write "03/15/2023."

Print Name: Each member should print their name clearly next to their signature. This provides an easy-to-read reference for each member's identity and ensures there's no confusion about who has agreed to the terms. In our example, John Smith would print his name as "John Smith" next to his signature.

By filling in these fields, you complete the Certificate of Membership, which serves as an official record of each member's ownership stake in the LLC. This ensures transparency and helps prevent disputes over ownership and decision-making authority.