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Our LLC operating agreement template is expertly crafted by legal professionals to ensure that your business is fully compliant with state regulations and protected from legal liability, giving you peace of mind and security as you grow your enterprise.

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How to Fill Out a Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement for a Utah-Based Business

A Utah single-member LLC operating agreement is a legal document companies with only one managing member use to establish company policies and procedures. Although not required by the state, completing and filing the document can protect the owner's private assets in case of business failure and provide beneficial tax options.

LLC Name

In this blank field, you must provide the name of the LLC you are forming. This name will be used throughout the document to identify your company. It should be unique and comply with any state requirements for LLC names. 

The LLC name establishes the legal identity of your company. This is essential when entering into contracts, opening bank accounts, obtaining licenses and permits, and conducting business under a recognized name. The name in the Operating Agreement ensures that the company's identity is clearly defined and acknowledged.

Additionally, the LLC name serves as a branding tool for your company, allowing customers and clients to recognize and trust your business. A unique and memorable name can help your company stand out in the marketplace and attract more business.

In Utah, as in other states, there are specific requirements for LLC names, such as including "LLC" or "LLC" in the name and ensuring that it is distinguishable from other registered entities. By filling in the LLC name in the Operating Agreement, you confirm that you have chosen a name that complies with these requirements and is available for use.

Furthermore, having a correctly filled LLC name in the Operating Agreement can help avoid potential disputes or confusion with other businesses or individuals. A clear and distinct name prevents misunderstandings and establishes your company's identity within the legal framework.

Company and Member Information

In this section, you are required to fill in the date when the Operating Agreement is being executed or signed by the sole member to provide the full legal name of the sole member implementing the Agreement and the name of the LLC.

To begin with, providing the execution date establishes a clear timeline for the formation of the LLC and the Agreement between the sole member and the company. The date serves as a reference point for the commencement of the company's operations and helps set the stage for any future amendments or updates to the Agreement.

Moreover, specifying the full legal name of the sole member executing the Agreement ensures that the correct individual is held responsible for the obligations and liabilities of the company. It also provides legal clarity when entering into contracts or dealing with third parties, as it confirms the identity of the person with authority to act on behalf of the company.

Lastly, including the name of the LLC is crucial, as it distinguishes your company from others and establishes its unique identity. A properly chosen and registered LLC name helps protect your brand and ensures compliance with Utah state requirements for naming an LLC.

In addition, using the correct name throughout the document helps to avoid any potential confusion or misunderstandings in the future, as all references to the company will be consistent and easily identifiable.

Filing Date

In this blank field, enter the name of the LLC as well as the date when the Articles of Organization were filed with the state office in Utah. This date signifies the official formation of the LLC.

Entering the name of the LLC is crucial for establishing the company's identity. This name, which should be unique and in compliance with Utah state requirements, distinguishes your LLC from other businesses and ensures that it is easily recognized in official documents and transactions.

Furthermore, providing the date when the Articles of Organization were filed with the state office in Utah is a vital step in the formation of your LLC. This date marks the official inception of the company and signifies that the state legally recognizes it.

Consequently, this information serves as a reference point for various aspects of your LLC's existence, such as the commencement of operations, the calculation of the company's age for tax and regulatory purposes, and the timeline for filing annual reports or other required documents.

Additionally, by including this date in your Operating Agreement, you demonstrate transparency and adherence to legal requirements. This helps build trust with potential partners, investors, or customers, who may require proof of your company's registration and compliance with state regulations.

Purpose of the Company

Fill in the specific business activities and objectives your company will engage in. These purposes should be clearly defined and in accordance with the allowed activities under Utah state law. Let's say you are considering opening a clothing store LLC. Your company's purpose can encompass various aspects related to the sourcing, design, production, and sale of apparel and accessories. Here are some ideas for your clothing store LLC's purpose:

Design: Your clothing store LLC could focus on creating unique and fashionable designs for a specific target market, such as women, men, children, or plus-size customers. You may also choose to specialize in a particular style or niche, like casual wear, formal wear, or activewear.

Production: The purpose of your clothing store LLC could be to manufacture high-quality garments using sustainable and ethically sourced materials, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

Retail: Your clothing store LLC could operate a physical retail space or an e-commerce platform, offering customers a wide range of clothing items and accessories. You could also create a unique shopping experience by providing personalized styling services, custom fittings, or tailoring options.


Fill in the full legal name of the sole member who will have the authority to act on behalf of the company. Specifying the individual with power in the Operating Agreement provides legal clarity, ensuring that all parties involved in the company understand who is responsible for making decisions and taking actions on the company's behalf.

This helps prevent confusion and potential conflicts among members and employees as it serves as documentation that the company has designated a specific individual to make crucial decisions. In the event of legal disputes, this documentation can be essential in proving that actions taken by the company were authorized and legitimate.

Filling out the Authority section also allows smoother interactions with external parties like banks, vendors, and other businesses.

Managing Member's Signature and Print Name

The sole member should sign and print their name at the end of the document, indicating their Agreement with the terms and conditions outlined in the Operating Agreement.