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How To Fill LLC Operating Agreement for a Washington-based company

An LLC operating agreement in Washington is vital to establishing a limited liability company's operational guidelines and governance structure. It delineates the members' roles and responsibilities, decision-making procedures, and management organization. By setting forth these terms, the operating Agreement helps to prevent disputes, maintain the limited liability status of the members, and support the Company's ongoing growth and success. 

To simplify this process, we've compiled a comprehensive step-by-step guide filled with examples illuminating each section and underscoring every detail's importance.

Step 1 - LLC Name

This blank field should contain your LLC's official name, registered in the State of Washington. Filling this out accurately is crucial because it is the official name in all legal documents. For example, if your LLC is called "SuperSolutions, LLC," you should fill in the blank with this name, including the "LLC" suffix.

Step 2 - Company Information

This blank field is for when the Agreement is entered. For example, entering the Agreement on March 31, 2023, you would write "March 31, 2023" in the blank space. This date is important because it marks the beginning of the operating Agreement and its terms.

Next, choose the appropriate box to indicate whether your LLC has one member (Single-Member) or multiple members (Multi-Member). This distinction is crucial because it determines the management structure, voting rights, and distribution of profits and losses within the LLC.

Finally, for each member of the LLC, fill in their name, percentage ownership, and mailing address. This information is essential because it establishes each member's stake in the Company and records their contact information for legal and communication purposes.

Step 3 - Name and Principal Place of Business

Write the full name of the company (including the "LLC" suffix) and the principal place of business. This is the primary location where your LLC operates and is important for legal and tax purposes.

Example: In this section, you would write "SuperSolutions, LLC" as the company name and provide the primary business location, such as "250 Green Drive, Suite 300, Washington, USA."

Step 4 - Formation

Write the date when your LLC was officially formed by filing the Articles of Organization with the Washington Secretary of State's office. This date is significant because it marks the beginning of your LLC's legal existence.

Step 5 - Member(s) Capital Contributions

In this section, you need to specify the initial capital contributions made by each member. For Single-Member LLCs, the member can make contributions as required without an obligation. For Multi-Member LLCs, list each member's capital contribution, which is crucial for determining their ownership stake in the Company.

Step 6 - Certificates Evidencing Membership

This blank space is where you'll provide the name of your LLC and the effective date of the Operating Agreement. The purpose of this section is to require that a Certificate of Membership represent each membership interest in the Company. The Certificate of Membership is a physical document that proves a member's ownership in the LLC, including their percentage interest.

For example, let's say you're part of "SuperSolutions, LLC," with an Operating Agreement effective as of March 31, 2023. You would fill in the blanks with the name of your LLC and the effective date.

Step 7 - Member's Signature, Date, and Print Name

This section is where each member signs and prints their name and dates their signature. This section is crucial because it signifies that all members agree to the terms of the Operating Agreement and are bound by its provisions. By signing, each member acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of the rights and responsibilities outlined in the Agreement. For example, if your name is Jane Smith, you'd sign your name on the "Member's Signature" line, print "Jane Smith" on the "Print Name" line, and write the date you signed on the "Date" line. Each member of the LLC must do the same to finalize the Agreement.

Completing these fields establishes the Certificate of Membership as formal documentation of each member's ownership share in the LLC. This promotes clarity and aids in avoiding conflicts regarding ownership and decision-making power.