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How To Fill LLC Operating Agreement for a West Virginia-based company

An LLC operating agreement in West Virginia serves as a legal document outlining the ownership structure, management, and operating procedures of a limited liability company. It helps to clearly define the roles, responsibilities, and financial contributions of each member, while providing a framework for handling profits, losses, and decision-making processes. Additionally, having an operating agreement in place establishes the LLC as a separate legal entity from its members, offering them limited liability protection and reducing potential disputes among members by clearly defining expectations and protocols. To ease this process, we've created a clear guide with steps and examples that highlight the importance of each piece of information.

Step 1 - LLC Name

The first blank field is for the name of your limited liability company (LLC). Choose a unique and memorable name that reflects the nature of your business. The name should end with the term "LLC" to indicate its legal structure. For example, if you own a bakery, you might choose "Delicious Delights Bakery, LLC."

Step 2 - Company Information

This blank field is for the date when the operating agreement is entered into. The date should be written in the format: month, day, and year (e.g., March 31, 2023).

Single-Member or Multi-Member LLC: Check the appropriate box to indicate whether your LLC has only one member (owner) or multiple members (owners). If your LLC has only one member, fill in the sole member's name and mailing address. For a multi-member LLC, fill in the name, ownership percentage, and mailing address for each member.

Step 3 - Name and Principal Place of Business

In this blank field, restate the name of your LLC and provide the principal place of business, including the street address, city, state, and zip code. This address is where your company's primary operations take place, such as an office or storefront.

Step 4 - Formation

Fill in the date when your LLC was officially formed by filing the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State in West Virginia. Write the date in the same format as the Agreement Date.

Step 5 - Member(s) Capital Contributions

In this section, you'll record the initial capital contributions of each member (if it's a multi-member LLC) or the sole member (if it's a single-member LLC). For multi-member LLCs, fill in each member's name and the amount they contributed to the company. For single-member LLCs, you can decide if you want to record your initial contribution or leave it open for future contributions.

Step 6 - Certificates Evidencing Membership

The name of the LLC: Write the full legal name of your LLC in the blank space. This ensures that the certificate is tied to the correct legal entity.

Example: "TechSolutions, LLC"

Date of the Operating Agreement: Fill in the date when the Operating Agreement was executed. This establishes a reference point for the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Example: "January 1, 2023"

Step 7 - Member's Signature, Date, and Print Name

Member's Signature: In the provided space, each member must sign their name to confirm their agreement with the Operating Agreement's terms and to recognize their ownership interest in the LLC.

Example: "Jane Smith"

Date of Signature: Each member needs to record the date they signed the Certificate of Membership. This establishes a precise timeline of when each member consented to the Operating Agreement's conditions.

Example: "April 3, 2023"

Print Name: Below their signature, each member should clearly print their name. This step guarantees the document's legibility and verifies the identity of the person signing.

Example: "Jane Smith"

By completing these fields, you establish an accurate record of each member's ownership interest in the LLC. This process helps clarify the rights and obligations of each member, ensuring they are transparent and legally binding.