Navigating the maze of legal documentation can seem daunting, especially regarding the care of your children. Form AOC-796 safeguards your child’s welfare, particularly when you can’t be present.

It gives you the power to implicitly delegate crucial decisions to someone you trust.



Step 1: Your Name


Begin by establishing your identity. This information is foundational, ensuring that all actions performed are traced back to the parent or guardian’s intention.



John A. Smith



Step 2: Residence Details


Establishing a concrete location demonstrates legal residency, which can be essential for state-specific legal matters.



Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, residing at 123 Elm Street.



Step 3: Appointee’s Name and Address


Your chosen individual, the one to whom you’re entrusting decision-making abilities regarding your child.



Jane B. Williams, residing at 456 Oak Lane, Lexington, Kentucky.



Step 4: Consent to Medical Treatment


Here, you’re granting the appointee the right to make health-related decisions for your child. You’re handing them the responsibility to choose the best medical action in times of need based on the comprehensive list given.



To approve a regular health checkup for Emily Smith.



Step 5: School-related Decisions


This ensures the continuity of your child’s education. Your agent can choose schools, attend teacher meetings, or sign off on school trips, ensuring your child’s educational journey remains uninterrupted.



To enroll Emily Smith in Maplewood Elementary School.



Step 6: Affirmation of Residency with Attorney-in-Fact


This crucial bit confirms where your child will reside, which can be a decisive factor for school admissions and other local processes.



Emily Smith resides with Jane B. Williams at 456 Oak Lane, Lexington.




Step 7: Duration


By specifying the time frame, you ensure the document doesn’t remain perpetually valid, thus offering an extra layer of protection.



Until 25th December 2025 or until a revocation letter is submitted.


Step 8: Acknowledgment and Date


Your official endorsement of the document and the specific date give it legal efficacy.



So acknowledged this 7th day of June, 2023.



Step 9: Parent/Legal Guardian’s Name and Signature


Your printed name provides clarity, while your signature is a testament to your intent.



John A. Smith



Step 10: Notary Details


The notary’s involvement ensures the document’s authenticity and your signature, making the document legally binding and providing another layer of assurance to third parties.



Subscribed and sworn before me on 8th June 2023, Daniel P. Turner, Notary Public. My commission expires: 10th August 2027.





Form AOC-796 is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a testament to a parent’s forethought and responsibility.

With its execution, you ensure that even in your absence, someone stands guard, making informed decisions for your child.

Legal documents may seem complex, but they are essentially about clarity and protection. Your child’s welfare remains paramount; this form is a beacon of that intent.