The Washington Revocation of Power of Attorney Form is a crucial document that formally allows an individual to withdraw a previously granted power of attorney. This ensures that the person initially given the authority no longer has the legal right to act on the grantor’s behalf.

Such a form is essential for various reasons, including changes in trust, relationship dynamics, or simply the end of a need for a power of attorney.

By completing this form, individuals ensure their wishes are legally recognized, safeguarding their interests and ensuring that only authorized individuals can make decisions on their behalf.



Step 1: Principal’s Name


This field is where you specify the name of the person or entity requesting the revocation to be recorded. It’s essential to have a record of who initiated the revocation to maintain transparency and accountability.

This ensures a clear trail of who initiated the revocation, which can be crucial if any disputes arise later.


John Doe


Step 2: Name of Attorney


Here, you’ll write the name of the individual or entity to whom you had previously granted a power of attorney. By completing this, you formally state your intention to withdraw their authority.

Identifying the person ensures no ambiguity about whose powers are being revoked.


Jane Smith


Step 3: Date


This is when you, the grantor, fill out and sign the revocation form. It provides a timestamp for when the revocation was made.

This date is crucial as it marks the official day when a power of attorney is considered revoked.


August 13, 2023


Step 4: Address



This is where the notary public, who authenticates the document, will provide their residential address.

This information adds another layer of verification to the process, ensuring that the notary is traceable and accountable.


1234 Elm Street, Seattle, WA 98101



Step 5: Expiration Date


The notary will fill in the date when their commission or license to act as a notary expires.

This ensures that the notary acted within their valid commission period when they authenticated the document.


December 31, 2025





The Washington Revocation of Power of Attorney Form is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a protective shield that ensures your wishes and decisions are respected.

By revoking a power of attorney, you’re taking back control, and this form ensures that the process is legally binding and recognized.

Always ensure that every detail on the form is accurate and that the revocation is notarized to guarantee its authenticity. Remember, this document is not just for your peace of mind but also as a legal safeguard for all parties involved.